3Q's Digital Strategy: Customer, market, and competitive insights that unlock massive growth for clients.

Our Strategy team puts brands at the heart and in the mind of the customer. We provide insights that transcend channels, including competitive research, market research, and value-proposition discovery that can change the trajectory of your brand. We help you find answers to questions including:​

  • WHO are your customers?
  • WHAT do they want?
  • WHERE do you find them?
  • What EXPERIENCE are they looking for?
  • What makes them BUY over and over?

These must shape your digital marketing strategy — and they’re what our proprietary processes help you answer.

They’re brought to life in your marketing by our CRO team, which uses a proprietary hypothesis-and-rapid-testing cycle to bring true personalization and huge performance gains to a range of web properties.

Strategy Services


The faster and more intelligently you test with us, the stronger your KPIs. Go next-level with personalization and convert better at each stage of your customer journey.

Marketing Strategy

Our proprietary research methodology provides customer, competitive, and industry insight that identifies transformative growth opportunities. Don’t just optimize; build a launching pad.