Paid Social Media is one of the most concise and direct ways to get your company into the forethought of your exact target audience. In paid social, our strategy is delivered around your product, who it needs to get to, and which existing interests do your potential customers have that can drive them to your site. Our marketing experts will help you understand your customer’s journey and why their social media behavior makes them a perfect candidate to become a loyal customer.

Why Should You Have a Paid Social Campaign?

Paid Social advertising can cover every part of the transaction funnel for your company. Much like paid search ads can center in on a certain demographic or interest type, social media paid ads have all those advantages plus the leverage of being integrated into the actual social media platform and content. Direct response marketing is especially effective on social media, as video ads in a news feed can entice users to leave the social media platform and enter your site directly.

Paid Social Has Unmatched Advantages

A big problem with traditional SEM paid advertising can be inefficiency and misappropriating resources to the wrong audience. With paid social media marketing, your targeting playbook can be much more straightforward. Are you trying to target marketing managers? Cal Berkeley graduates? Radiohead fans? A user’s social media likes and activity gives you all the data to make smart, informed decisions.

The way that we advertise on different social media sites changes per client as well as which site you’re trying to get visibility on. A paid social ad on Twitter works differently than those on Facebook or Instagram. To help you understand and maximize your potential visibility and earnings for these modern, widely-used social media sites, you need marketing experts who know how to reach the exact audience you need.

Paid Social is More Important Than Ever

Paid social is a crucial element to your business success because of its highly accurate targeting abilities, but you must have intelligent, experienced, data-driven marketers who can make your social campaign the most profitable that it can be.

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