The rigor and proprietary methods behind our Paid Media grow your top — and bottom — line.


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Paid media is the foundation of 3Q; for more than 10 years, we’ve provided best-in-class performance at scale. We apply proprietary strategies and executional rigor with a hunger to grow clients of every size and maturity.

We’ll unlock the true growth potential of your paid campaigns — SEM/CSEs, paid social, mobile, native, and display — by integration with our Decision Sciences, Strategy, and Creative teams. We integrate singular customer understanding and advanced analytics insights so you’ll understand where to invest and who to target.

The strength of our partnerships in paid media rounds out the picture; from Google to Facebook to Amazon and beyond, we provide you early access to betas and industry research. We also aggressively test new channels to discover early-adoption growth opportunities.

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We founded the industry-standard Alpha-Beta campaign structure in 2008 — and we’ve further optimized the process, and our clients’ performance, ever since. Our competitors have yet to catch up.

Paid Social

Our Exclusionary Pyramid, Creative Matrix, and aggressive testing of emerging platforms have kept client CPCs low and engagement high in campaigns ranging from Facebook to Quora to Nextdoor.


We offer programmatic reach with rigorous optimization and attribution. Our skills and partnerships allow you to get the clicks that count — and understand how to value them.


We leverage industry-best creative to grow your engagement across thousands of publishers, and our attribution maximizes the value of earned and owned touchpoint throughout the customer journey.


Our clients trust us with more than $400MM per year in mobile spend. We drive app user acquisition and re-engagement — and minimize fraud with our Mobile Stoplight process.