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Association of University Presses Annual Meeting

California’s rich social and cultural diversity, unique geography, and reputation for experimentation have made it an incubator of new and often controversial ideas for generations. California remains at the forefront of technological, social, political, and cultural change. As the Association brings its annual meeting (June 17-19) to San Francisco, the program committee sought to capture some of the state’s unique spirit for the annual meeting program.

This year, the Association – featuring University Press members from Harvard, Cornell, Duke, Michigan, and far beyond – has assembled a program that explores emerging topics of interest to university presses and circles back over existing practices confronting new global realities. On June 19, Accelerate GM Sana Ansari stars on the “What has the press done (online) for me lately?” panel; she’ll bring her vast knowledge of digital marketing, audience engagement, and more to the proceedings to help educate the educators on how to navigate today’s digital landscape.