More than “free traffic,” SEO is one of the key platforms of integrated performance marketing — and it works best in a synergistic relationship with other channels, especially paid search.

The best SEO programs generate and funnel traffic towards relevant landing pages, help with online reputation management, and work in concert with messaging on all other platforms to produce a consistent, high-quality user experience.

As your performance marketing partners, we’ll perform site audits to make sure you’re optimally positioned to capture relevant organic traffic. We work in tandem with our in-house analytics team to provide powerful, insightful data to help you visualize trends, directions, and actionable goals.

And of course, we’ll help you optimize key drivers of SEO traffic. These include:


Accessibility and Architecture. How easy is it for search engine spiders to find, crawl, and index your site? The more accessible and better constructed the site, the more pages can be accessed and indexed by spiders – which gives more pages the chance to rank for high-value search terms.

On-Page Factors

Page elements like title, H1 tags, and meta descriptions should be employed for all pages. We’ll customize the elements for each page according to the most relevant, highest-value keywords.


Fresh, relevant content is increasingly at the core of high-performing SEO campaigns. We’ll help you build and execute a plan that includes creating editorial calendars optimized for specific target keywords, and we’ll teach you the types of content that work to drive traffic – and conversions.

Linking Campaigns

External links serve as “votes” for a page’s authority. We’ll help you build link profiles around specific keywords, and we’ll go beyond your homepage to target deeper internal pages with a lot of value to unlock.