SEM is in our DNA. We began as the best, most pioneering SEM agency around in 2008 and built our reputation and a great client base of today’s hottest brands on a foundation of scientific, intent-driven, hyper-customized campaign management.

We’re the brains behind the Alpha-Beta account structure, which uses single-keyword ad groups and innovative match-type mechanics to produce airtight, ultra-relevant ads and landing pages. Our relationships with the big search engines get us access to betas other agencies can’t touch, and our work with PLAs, search remarketing, sitelinks, and Enhanced Campaigns management has set the industry curve. (Ask us about Shoptimyze, our proprietary system for managing Google Shopping campaigns!)

We’ll eagerly measure our direct-response ROI against anyone’s, but we also realize that SEM is only a (critical) factor in today’s multi-channel, multi-device digital marketing landscape. We’re no longer chasing the tiny gold flashes at the end of the long tail; we’re focused on incorporating our SEM campaigns – and intent-driven philosophies – into the digital marketing whole to create a seamless, frictionless experience for each brand’s audience.