Most experienced Facebook advertisers understand how important the Power Editor is in the construction of ad campaigns, but for those advertisers who haven’t adopted this helpful tool into their arsenal: here is a great reason why they should.

Facebook Power Editor

Using the Power Editor gives you the option to select where your ads are displayed on Facebook. Any experienced advertiser understands the value of effective ad placement. You can create an outstanding advertisement, but its performance will be drastically hindered by an ineffective placement. Make sure you are optimizing your campaigns to their fullest extent by pushing your ads in the placements on Facebook that give you the biggest return.

Just like any other form of A/B testing, placement testing should be approached in the same regard. Newsfeed placements seem to return the highest CTR, but testing out other placements is encouraged as some target audiences may respond differently to other placements. One word of caution – make sure you pay attention to your ad’s frequency and reach numbers. If your audience reach is drastically reduced by specific placement targeting, the frequency can spike and your ad fatigue can set in much quicker. A small reach could also result in advertisers not reaching the volume of impressions the want to deliver in their campaigns.

Another best-use case for these placement options is based around your landing pages. If you are advertising your product or service on Facebook, but you do not have a responsive landing page – it is likely that your ROI on mobile newsfeed placements will not be too high. Similarly, if you were advertising for a phone app, it would be ideal to advertise exclusively on mobile only newsfeed placements.

Those are just a few examples of how you can implement placement strategy into your Facebook ad campaigns, but there are a number of scenarios where controlling your ad placements is incredibly powerful and capable of delivering high performing campaigns.

If you haven’t adopted Power Editor as a critical tool in the management of your Facebook campaigns, hopefully learning more about placement control has persuaded you to give it a spin. What are some of the creative ways you use placement targeting in your Facebook campaigns?

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  1. Cheryl C October 8th, 2013

    For some reason, I do not have any placement radio button options within the power editor. It just says “Desktop (Right-Hand Column Only). And under that in tiny type it says “Standard ads will appear on the Facebook desktop website”. Any ideas as to why this may be happening and how I can change it so that I could it to get the other options?

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