Who We Are

Our Philosophy

Emotional Quotient

What is EQ?

EQ (Emotional Quotient) is the care and commitment behind the data. It’s the passion for client service that means we trade high-fives when clients get good press, take pictures of our clients’ products when we see them out of the office, and occasionally check the numbers at midnight “just in case.” It’s a personal, partner-oriented approach that has helped grow some of today’s hottest companies.

Intelligence Quotient

What is IQ?

In digital marketing terms, IQ (Intelligence Quotient) refers to the scientific, data-driven processes on which we build our campaigns. It’s the application of scalable, systematic, proprietary techniques, the optimization formulas that come to life on whiteboards and fine-tune our clients’ KPIs. It’s working smarter across every channel and making sure those channels feed into each other – and into the bottom line.

eXecution Quotient

What is XQ?

XQ (eXecution Quotient) is, simply, the rigor behind the brains and passion. It’s accountability, timeliness, execution. It’s quick turnarounds and a double layer of QA. It’s best-in-class training. It’s not easy, but that’s where the passion comes in.

It’s in Our DNA

We believe clients deserve three things from an agency: passionate service and complete transparency (EQ); channel-specific intelligence and knowledge (IQ) to develop new strategies as digital marketing evolves; and rock-solid execution (XQ) to ensure optimization of every campaign.

We developed these beliefs as PPC Associates (2008-2013), where we made our mark as the most pioneering, results-oriented SEMs around. But we've expanded to offer our clients new ways to grow, covering every part of the funnel — all with the same ROI-focused, intent-governed fundamentals that have helped drive growth for some of today’s fastest growing brands.

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