Should One Agency Manage Your Multi-Channel Campaigns?

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Should One Agency Manage Your Multi-Channel Campaigns?

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Modern online marketing is more complex today than it ever has been, and complexity is likely to increase in the future. There are several factors that have contributed to this rise in complexity:

– More channels. Today advertisers must choose from SEM, SEO, paid social, earned social, video, mobile, display, affiliate, email, and native advertising – to name a few.

– More technology. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but specialization in the ad tech world has led to too many choices and platforms for advertisers. Campaign management, SEO reporting, analytics, attribution, tag management, landing page optimization, big data analysis, business intelligence, feed management, and social media monitoring tools are examples of the crowded ad tech space.

– More specialized expertise. Many online marketing channels start out as simple platforms with few options and gradually develop into complex, granular platforms that require an expert to truly drive maximum performance. As the saying goes, “an expert at everything is an expert at nothing.” It’s simply impossible to keep up with the latest best practices across numerous channels and technologies.

– More competition. Online marketing is no longer a “nice to have” in marketing budgets but increasingly a significant and often majority line item. As a result, the days of getting $.02 clicks on Google or buying up huge chunks of the Yahoo homepage at a deep discount are largely finished. Survival requires the best marketers, the best technology, and the best conversion funnels to compete.

Combine more technology, more expertise, more choices, and more competition, and it’s easy to see why many in-house marketers are a bit stressed these days! Indeed, if you accept the notion that specialized expertise is required on a per-channel basis, an in-house team that simply wants to run SEM, display, SEO, and paid Facebook ads needs a minimum of four full-time people just to keep up with each of these channels. And that’s not even including a layer of management, tech experts, or junior people to help manage particularly large channels.

As a result, many in-house marketing teams have concluded that the only way to truly compete in all the channels they want or need to be in is to outsource some or all of their online marketing to agencies. Now, as you read this whitepaper, you’re no doubt going to think to yourself: “I see where this is going. This whitepaper is designed to scare me into sending all of my marketing work to an agency – after all, it is an agency whitepaper!” While there’s no doubt that part of the point of this paper is indeed intended to convince you that agencies like 3Q Digital serve an important service to in-house marketers, we will actually spend a good portion of this paper explaining reasons why you might not want to work with a multi-channel agency.

Indeed, while there are many good use cases for multi-channel agencies, there are also plenty of equally good reasons to either keep your online marketing in-house or work with a few specialist online agencies instead of one multi-channel agency. This paper simply attempts to establish a framework to help you figure out the right path for your business. And it goes without saying, that if you do decide to work with a multi-channel online agency, we hope you’ll consider 3Q Digital!

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