Alpha Beta Account Structure Guide

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Alpha Beta Account Structure Guide

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The basic building blocks of any search engine marketing campaign are keywords. As John Battelle wrote in his seminal book on search engines – The Search – a search engine is nothing more than a “database of intentions.” As search engine marketers, the way we match customer intent with what we are selling is through keywords. For example, the intent of someone looking to get a home loan might be expressed through a keyword like “mortgage rates”; a person considering a camera purchase might type in “best new camera.”

Unfortunately, simply identifying great keywords does not automatically lead to SEM success. In fact, without the proper account structure, a perfectly good keyword can actually turn into a nightmare of unprofitability. We recently talked to a company that sold a sleep monitor – a device that measures how much sleep a person gets each night. They had purchased the keyword “sleep monitor”, a logical decision. Due to poor account structure, however, their ads were getting served (and clicked) on keywords like “put my computer monitor to sleep” – totally different intent, despite the fact that the words “sleep” and “monitor” were in the keyword.

At 3Q Digital, we’ve developed a process we call “Alpha Beta” to prevent this sort of problem from happening.

The process is a fool-proof way to ensure that your ads only show on profitable keywords and not on derivations that will only cost you money without results. This whitepaper provides a basic overview to the Alpha Beta process.

Is your keyword-to-query mapping ironclad? Do you have a process for testing and recognizing new keyword winners? Fill out the simple form on the right, and we’ll instantly email you a copy of our guide to Alpha Beta Account Structure, our proprietary method for capturing and controlling top keywords. If you have any questions, on this or any other digital marketing topics, you can always reach us at or by filling out our handy Contact Us form.

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