3Q Digital’s Guide to RLSA Campaigns

RLSA is one of the most powerful tools in a search marketer's arsenal. Download our Guide to RLSA to learn about campaign structure, audiences, best practices, incrementality, and more.

3Q Digital’s Guide to RLSA Campaigns

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When auditing or taking over the management of paid search accounts at 3Q, we often find that use of Google’s Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) either does not exist or is dramatically underplayed. Every account is unique, but we hope this whitepaper will help guide you in making the most out of this essential AdWords feature.

In the following pages, we’ll cover the most fundamental decisions you’ll make when using RLSA, including:

• Campaign structure (options and benefits of each)
• Creating audiences
• Recommended strategies
• Incrementality considerations

To get the whitepaper, simply fill out the download form, and we’ll email you a free copy.

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