The Complete Guide to Manual Bidding in SEM

Automated bidding is great, but it's often not enough. Learn the scenarios and best practices of manual bidding in this comprehensive guide.

The Complete Guide to Manual Bidding in SEM

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Automated bidding rules save enormous amounts of time and lend significant efficiency to any size SEM account. But there are times when great SEM comes down to manual bidding. In this free, comprehensive whitepaper from Account Director Caitlin Halpert, we’ll teach you how to recognize those scenarios, how to set up your bidding, and how to react when the data rolls in. Just fill out the form to the right, and we’ll you email you the whitepaper (note: it may not send until the top of the hour; we’re testing a new email system!).

Caitlin’s whitepaper covers:

-Manual bidding account prep

-Different scenarios when manual bidding is needed

-Types of manual bid adjustments and when to deploy them

-Best practices for bid timing and tracking

Download today…and go from good-enough SEM to great SEM.

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