3Q Digital’s 2016 Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

In this free whitepaper from Director of Social Brad O'Brien, we break down the six critical components of our elite Facebook ad management. Learn how we run our campaigns and how you can use those insights to set your ROI soaring.

3Q Digital’s 2016 Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

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Today, a Facebook advertiser’s biggest obstacle is that, with the proliferation of ad types, goals, and things you can actually achieve on Facebook, the options and best practices can get overwhelming. We’re boiling it down for you in our unique, comprehensive guide to Facebook advertising, which adds our agency’s secret sauce onto all the layers every Facebook marketer needs to know.

Those layers include:

1. TRACKING (The best-run campaigns in the world lose tons of value if they’re not properly tracked)


3. ELEMENTS OF AD SETS – Targeting, Bidding, Budget and Placement


5. Best Practices for RETENTION CAMPAIGNS

6. AD UNITS – Best Creative and Testing Practices

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