Maury is Chief Financial Officer for 3Q Digital, responsible for finance, legal, corporate development and HR.  His passion is building culture and leading teams that create superior financial performance.  Prior to 3Q Digital, Maury was CEO of iSearch Media (2010-2015), CEO of Click Group Inc (2009-2010) and Co-founder and Managing Director of Quicksilver Ventures (2000-2009), a successful venture capital fund in Silicon Valley.

Maury has a record of success in executive positions in public and private 
companies, including Iomega and Hewlett Packard. Maury was a key
 contributor to the turnaround and success of Iomega Corporation, resulting 
in sales increasing from $100 million in 1994 to more than $1.7 billion by 1997.   Maury established the Professional Products Division as P/L manager 
for the jaz 1GB drive and cartridge system, which generated over $480m in 
annualized revenue and has sold more than 3 million drives and 10 million
 cartridges to date.

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