Lissette joined 3Q in June 2018 with 15 years of experience in Accounts Payable/ Accounting. She’s passionate in what she does and thrives in environments where she can learn and grow. She enjoys traveling; she hopes to expand on her India trip and visit many different countries. In her spare time, she’s a Zumba instructor and loves to practice weightlifting, HIIT, and CrossFit and go for long hikes.

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Hillary Read
Hillary Read joined 3Q Digital in August 2011 after over 5 years of e-commerce site and product management at ivgStores, LLC, and Mercantila, Inc. Prior to 3Q, Hillary was a sportswriter for the Burlington (VT) Free Press and a sports copy editor for the Boston Globe. She graduated from Harvard with a degree in English; she has also spent time in New Mexico as an artist-in-residence (fiction writing) at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, NM. She is a sports zealot and has a working knowledge of French.