Carl joined 3Q Digital in August 2012 after a yoga-teaching, soul-searching and travel-filled sabbatical. Prior to that he spent 13 years at the various incarnations of Diamond Management and Technology Consultants, where he directed IT infrastructure, security, and support throughout the company’s entire lifecycle of startup, going public, expanding internationally organically and through acquisitions.

He brought his experience in dealing with rapid growth and frequent change to 3Q to build a solid technology foundation for the company as it grew exponentially. His experience with public companies has supported a successful integration with 3Q’s parent company, and he continues to build the structures and processes that are required by larger organizations and clients while maintaining the nimble and collaborative tech environment that younger workforces demand.

Carl has managed tech for offices in US cities, London, Barcelona, Bombay, Madrid, Paris, Munich, and Dubai. He’s also spent over a decade in software development and taught English in Japan.

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