Facebook attracts a massive audience (over 1 billion people a month) throughout the day for extended, though not always undivided, periods of time. This gives advertisers of the Facebook Exchange (FBX) a great opportunity to connect with potential customers who have already visited their site, and a better chance that those prospects will interact with the ads and finally purchase.

Reach is one thing; quality is another. FBX ad units are above the fold, which is a big CTR advantage. This is further enhanced by the fact that for a user to see an ad on Facebook, they need to be logged in – which helps ensure that ads are seen by real people, thus eliminating waste from fraud, bots, etc. We’ve seen engagement with the channel soar since its inception last June. In fact, we now serve over half of our retargeting impressions (63%, to be exact) on Facebook.

Because I already spoke about FBX performance metrics (when compared to standard web retargeting campaigns) last month, I’m going to talk a bit about the verticals that we’re seeing effectively use FBX this time around

Top Verticals on FBX

– Of the campaigns we’ve run on FBX last year, around 50% of advertising spend came from the apparel, sporting goods, and tech verticals. This is not entirely surprising given those seeking these products tend to be a younger, more tech savvy crowd.

top verticals FBX

– Interestingly enough, ads coming from the home and CPG verticals have resonated extremely well, garnering higher-than-average conversions rates. These verticals have been traditionally print- and TV-ad heavy and stand to do very well as newer direct-to-consumer business models evolve and intended audiences become more connected on multiple channels.

– Though traditionally a strong direct response segment with stunning imagery for display ads, the travel industry has been slow to adopt the new platform. However, over the past few months, we’ve seen the sector dramatically ramping up with great results.

Given the success we’ve seen across a diverse set of customers, it’s becoming evident that with the right approach, FBX is becoming a no-brainer for any business regardless of size or vertical.

– Adam Berke

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  1. Chris Zaharias April 2nd, 2013

    For Triggit the #2 vertical from day 1 has been travel, at 34%. The key is being able to do the same thing in travel as is done in retail = use strong intent signals to make the ads dynamic. Triggit’s Sam Mitchell discusses this here:


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