If you haven’t seen AllFacebook’s post on the subject, Website Custom Audiences are now available through the Ads Manager. (I just checked and this new feature is showing in my Ads Manager, but that may be due to our API access.)

What this means is that advertisers will no longer be required to go through a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) to get this particular benefit of Facebook remarketing. Along with availability of other Custom Audiences, the new feature allows you to create your own remarketing audiences directly through Facebook’s Ads Manager.

This is one of a bunch of much-needed advancements to the Ads Manager, which got a major facelift in October, when the process became more visual and streamlined for advertisers. Specific campaign goals were implemented along with the ability to create multiple ads at one time. They also revamped their reporting options to include much more customization (specific conversion windows, pick and choose metrics, etc.) and unique insights (age, gender, placement, country).



Website Mail_Chimp Data_file

Facebook has been moving towards full functionality within their self-service platform, and the remarketing for all is a clear step in that direction. Although PMDs can leverage bidding algorithms and larger-scale builds and management, the self-service platform is becoming more robust and capable. It’s a pretty exciting discovery, and I am eager to try it through the Ads Manager, but I fear that this large scale accessibility will increase competition and make it more expensive to reach that target audience. I will definitely be keeping an eye on rising cost-per-clicks and overall spending.


  1. Alec January 22nd, 2014

    This is not universally rolled out yet.

  2. Taren King January 22nd, 2014

    Hey Alicia,

    I am so excited for this new development in custom audiences. Unfortunately it looks like I don’t have this feature available yet. It seems as though you are one of the lucky users who was given early access! Please share any great results you have with this exciting new feature!

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