Anyone who works frequently with Facebook Power Editor knows the frustrations that come along with its not so user-friendly design and constant malfunctions. Fortunately, for the first time in a long time, Facebook unveiled some minor changes to the interface. Small though they are, they have made the whole process of building ads via Facebook Power Editor a slightly more enjoyable process.


The most important part of this update is the ability to preview how the ad will look in the newsfeed. Prior to this, advertisers were only able to preview how the ad would look on the right hand side or the page, even if the ad was only going to be run to the newsfeed. This new preview also displays how much social engagement the ad has received.

Preview ads



Other minor changes allow the advertiser to choose which part of the ad they would like to edit (object & creative, audience, or optimizing & pricing) via a clean menu system up top, as opposed to the left-side menu we have been using since Power Editor first launched.

New Menu

Although there are still many changes that need to be made before Facebook’s Power Editor is as efficient as possible, allowing advertisers to have a clear preview of how the ad will be displayed in the news feed is a step in the right direction. The preview works for unpublished page posts as well as unpublished link posts.


Although useful for unpublished page posts, these previews are extremely beneficial for unpublished links (as shown above) to ensure that the image fits the appropriate dimensions and will show correctly to users. I think we can all agree that this is a step in the correct direction and hopefully Facebook will make more changes to Power Editor in the near future.


  1. Dylan September 17th, 2013

    The ad preview is really great, especially since the new Page Post Link ad units will chop up your image seemingly at random if it isn’t the correct aspect ratio. Now you can see if you need to change the image before going live with the Post.

  2. Justin C September 17th, 2013

    Great article, a great refresh for sure. Have you noticed that Page Like Ads aren’t showing the newsfeed ad? I have yet to be able to upload my own 8:3 image and have it show in the newsfeed via Power Editor. Am I just missing something?

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