Look at this ad:

facebook self promotion

It has a time associated with it.

All other posts that you promote will not only say “sponsored”, but exclude date and time.

But if you’re a user, it will show this timestamp.

And the downside of the $7 promoted post is that you don’t get impression stats — just some relative impact numbers.

Now if only we knew which users have seen our posts, whether from a page or a user…

Incidentally, my opinion on this particular ad is that promoting your blog post that says you’re a thought leader may come off as self-congratulatory. When you do get great coverage, you should run a page post ad that has friend of fan connection targeting and newsfeed placement. That way, it starts from social trust and looks almost organic.

Or you could just run a regular right-hand side ad to the article directly. If you get a mention in the LA Times, run people straight to that link. The ads don’t mention who is paying for the ad.

Readers, when you have something promotional to share, do you post it on your page, post it from your profile, run dark posts, or do a combination of these?

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  1. Dennis Yu January 14th, 2014

    We prefer running ads on pages, as opposed to personal profiles (users).

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