Ah, Facebook Gifts. Have you noticed them? Have you used them for a thoughtful gesture or congratulatory gift? OR, better yet, have you used them to sell your gift-friendly products? (Note: you’ll have to fill out the Merchant Interest Form to get started.)

gifts on facebook

What are Facebook Gifts? It’s quite simple: they let you celebrate real moments with real gifts (as Facebook puts it). You can buy and send either a digital or a physical gift to friends or family for just about any occasion (birthdays, holidays, new babies, etc.).

Since we’re talking about Facebook, the targeting is top-notch; Facebook uses the data users provide (status updates, likes, etc.), to suggest gifts that would best represent what the users want (recommendations? Don’t mind if we do!).

So how might your business benefit from taking part?

Gifts work well for niche items

gifts niche

Get people talking about your business! Cody (bottom right) makes mention of sports quite a lot in his status updates, and he also liked a number of sports teams and athletes and has baseball and sports broadcasting listed as interests. So, it’s no wonder that a Silicone Sports Watch is being recommended as a gift for his upcoming birthday. If you’re selling a product that directly serves a common hobby or interest, Gifts might be a great option.

Gifts build brand awareness and goodwill

Whether the purchase is made or not, whoever the gifters are, they’re usually viewing plenty of gift-giving ideas. The next time they’re looking for some coffee beans, a make-up brand, or a cool new hoodie, they might well remember your brand’s name, if not exactly where they saw it.

There’s an emotional component, too. When someone gets a gift on Facebook, it is quite a pleasant surprise, and that’s great association for your brand.

One more bonus: a gifter has the option of sending a gift privately or publicly. If they choose to do so publicly, then boom: that’s additional advertising for your brand right there. Here’s how they look in your timeline:


wrapped facebook gift

And “unwrapped” (brand-awareness time):

facebook gift unwrapped

That’s all for now. In my next post, I’ll talk about how to make sure your images – the most important part of your Gifts campaign – help seal the deal. Thanks for reading!

– Natalie Pejooh


  1. Kiko April 19th, 2013

    Thanks for writing Natalie,. your article does a good job of explaining why running a gifts campaign could be a good idea for brands.

    However, I’m left a bit frustrated because it doesn’t in any way tell me HOW to “Get your products on Facebook Gifts”.

    Some light googling led me to this:

    “If you’re interested in making your product available through Facebook Gifts, please contact us.”

    So basically whether or not I even CAN get my brand on Facebook gifts is up them.

  2. admin April 19th, 2013

    Hey, Kiko…great comment, and thanks for reading. Natalie is on vacation, but we’ll make sure she sees this…hopefully there’s something in the works to make participation easier.

  3. Kiko April 19th, 2013

    Thank you, it would be much appreciated.

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