Do you ever want a specific action to be taken on your Facebook post? It’s pretty likely your answer is “yes!”

Modifying Facebook conversion specs is a simple but powerful way to prompt the action you desire. Most users have seen this option, but never realized what it was or how much potential it has. Conversion specs allow advertisers to optimize a post to receive a particular action.

For example, if you optimize a post for comments, Facebook will show your page post ad to users who are more likely to comment on posts, based on their previous actions.

How to change conversion specs

At this time, the option to change conversion specs is only available to Power Editor users. Changing the conversions specs is literally the last step of the process in Power Editor. You can only change the conversion specs if you are using “Optimized CPM” as your pricing structure under “Pricing & Status.”


The default conversion spec is for post engagement. Post engagement is very broad and includes any interaction with a post, including non-visible engagement such as photo views or link clicks.

Manually setting up conversion specs

To edit this, select “Manually set up conversion specs.” Then, depending on what action you want users to take on your page post ad, replace the text within the quotation marks following “action.type” with one of the following:

-like – Post will be optimized for likes.
-comment – Post will be optimized for comments.
-post – Post will be optimized for shares.
-post_story – Post will be optimized for likes, comments, and shares.
-photo_view – Post will be optimized for clicks on the photo within the post.
-link_click – Post will be optimized for link clicks.
-video_play – Post will be optimized for video plays.
-receive_offer – Post will be optimized for claiming an offer.
-post_engagement – Post will be optimized for all interactions.

Please note: depending on what type of ad you use, your conversion specs could differ slightly. For example, you can optimize an event ad for users to click “Yes” on the event page. Be careful not to change the conversion specs for the page or the post. Changing these sets of numbers could alter your entire ad.

Have you given conversion specs a shot? Did you see a difference in interactions when you optimized your ads?


  1. Terry Whalen October 9th, 2013

    Note – we have found that once we make these changes in Power Editor, they do not always actually show up. Power Editor can be glitchy, and this is one area where you may want to double-check that Power Editor has actually uploaded the settings accurately. Double-check things when using Power Editor!

  2. vlad February 5th, 2014

    Hi Sean, I’m not sure if its a recent change but I cannot see any option to overwrite or set custom conversion specs. In the last section “Optimization and Pricing” in power editor, I see the Clicks/Reach/Social/Actions part but then there is nothing underneath other than “Status”. Is this a new power editor change or how do I enable this feature?

    Thanks very much!

  3. Sean Burke February 12th, 2014

    That’s odd. The option is still available for me. What type of ad are you trying to create? Maybe that has something to do with it?

  4. Hershey May 26th, 2014

    Hi Sean,
    I’m having the same issue as Vlad above.
    Unable to see any option to add custom conversion specs.

    Per your screenshot in the post, after the dropdown options of OCPM for default and manual bids..there is nothing below it.
    Any idea why this is happening?

    So far I’ve created page post engagement ad, facebook page likes ad and website clicks ad. Neither of them are showing this option.
    My page is new, could that be a reason?

    Do let me know.

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