Facebook video ads are being widely adopted by social advertisers, and for good reason: they’re more engaging than static ads. But with this adoption comes greater competition, which means that advertising costs are on the rise.

The way to combat this? Smarter video campaigns. Here are five tips to help you keep ROI high.

Keep it short

People don’t have the attention spans (nor the desire) to sit through a long video. 15 to 30 seconds is the perfect range to keep interested parties onboard for the entire length of the post.


Craft a compelling Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail selection is hugely important, probably just as important as the content within the video. Be sure to choose something lively and dynamic. You should be aware that you can create your own custom thumbnail to show at the beginning and end of the video; it doesn’t necessarily need to be a screen cap from the video. These custom thumbnails have to adhere to Facebook’s 20% text rule.



Focus on conversions

Videos are uniquely engaging, but the goal is the same as for a static ad: get a conversion. Keep all things the same as you would for a direct response static image ad. If your goal is transactions, there’s no need to remove things like the ‘Shop Now’ button just because it’s a video.


Include a CTA

Video ads should contain strong calls to action. Think of a video ad like a television commercial – only an interactive one.


Take advantage of video for direct response

Video is the most engaging type of post on Facebook, which is why in the past you could run video view campaigns for relatively low cost-per-view.

Translating this insight into direct response: the high engagement leads to higher-than-average CTRs, and higher CTR leads to lower CPC. This is the core reason video can work for direct response. For further engagement, you can create static image ads targeting those you know have watched the video to enhance the likelihood of response.

Any other best practices you think should be featured? Let us know in the comments!

For more best practices, check out this post by Facebook, and this cool news about when you pay for video ads.

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