2015-01-28 19_16_59-Gravestone Generator, Tombstone Maker & Creator - SatisfactionYou probably heard commentary about David Fischer’s remark at AdExchanger a couple days ago, resulting in speculation that FBX is dead.

Not officially, to be political, but let’s examine the underlying business case.

If you’re a small business advertiser, you might be willing to pay a premium to run through AdRoll instead of setting up your ads directly with Facebook and Google.

But if you’re willing to spend the extra 20 minutes to go direct, you unlock a world of benefits with Custom Audiences.

And even though an AdRoll claims to be an all-in-one retargeting shop, as long as they don’t integrate with remarketing and paid search, it’s not true.

The only folks who have a legitimate reason to use FBX are those who have complex, dynamic creatives.

In other words, this applies to folks when the manual implementation of logic based on what page/product they visited is too cumbersome in Power Editor.

Yet only a handful of folks have this requirement.

For straight retargeting, you’d set up pixels with Facebook and Google and let them optimize for you.

While Facebook doesn’t want to alienate partners like Criteo, do you think Facebook has more incentive to build core ad tech or assist partners? Go past the political posturing and what you’ll clearly see is that Facebook is enabling ads API access to folks who can build value on top of the platform. That means integrating marketing automation logic, external data sources, verticalized expertise, and anything that doesn’t try to build what Facebook should do themselves.

Facebook made it clear last year that partners should not be trying to compete against themselves or Facebook to build core features.

For example, building clones of Power Editor that don’t have unique value, creating generic Facebook ads training, or relying upon ad multiplication — all dead.

Why wouldn’t you use Facebook directly to load up your GCT (goals, content, and targeting)?


Specify your business goals via one of the 9 objectives.

Make sure you have a steady mix of organic and dark posts to promote, which includes videos and offers.

And load up your various web and email custom audiences with corresponding conversion pixels.

That’s it.

Why go outside of that to pay anyone else for any feature that you can get through Facebook already — or will soon?

At least guys like Perfect Audience have audience-sharing between advertisers — a nifty feature.

But even Perfect Audience sold to Marin, seeing the writing on the wall.

What’s your take on the future of FBX?

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  1. Dennis January 31st, 2017

    Told you– FBX was already dead two years ago.
    And the massive fraud in the industry has started to reveal itself– look at Criteo’s admission of porn and intentionally fraudulent clicks, for example.

    Here’s the clearest exposition of how dirty things are: https://cdn.ampproject.org/c/seekingalpha.com/amp/article/4027176-shakedown-advertisers-swindled-porn-traffic-bots-adware-criteo-settles-click-fraud-litigation

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