So you’re using mobile to build a retargeting base to convert on desktop, and you’re implementing some serious mid-funnel strategy to build brand loyalty. Great!

If that’s all you’re doing, though, you’re missing a significant part of mobile’s capabilities: you can use it to test for directional learnings all sorts of things, and quickly. I’m specifically recommending that you try this with your Facebook campaigns, but with few exceptions, mobile campaigns on multiple channels produce significantly lower CPCs and higher CTRs than desktop or tablet campaigns.


For new campaigns especially, you’re going to want to test a bunch of elements: images, copy, offers, CTAs. If you’re rolling those campaigns out on desktop, you’re likely wasting spend before those elements are optimized.

On mobile, you can start broad (conversion goal, choice of landing page) and get more granular (testing background colors, discount %s, etc.) with your testing, and relatively high engagement rates will provide quick data on where (and why) people are dropping out of your funnel.

Of course, it doesn’t just work for new campaigns, or just for Facebook campaigns. You can test and iterate on any kind of campaigns where mobile clicks are cheaper and easier to attract than desktop. If the traffic is cheap enough, you can try out different landing page designs and messaging and test beyond the ads themselves.

This can also go beyond optimizing campaigns for desktop; if you’re thinking of running TV campaigns, you have the perfect opportunity to test your video content with Facebook mobile ads to see what resonates, and with whom.

Do you have any underutilized tips for mobile ad campaigns? Drop a comment!

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Brad O'Brien
Brad joined 3Q as Director of Social after spending several years on the brand side at Provide Commerce & FTD companies. Brad has a strong background in Social, SEO, e-commerce, landing page and test optimizations, analytics, as well as production and promotion of digital content. Originally from New Jersey, Brad went to college in Virginia at James Madison University and received a degree in Marketing. He has called San Diego home for the last seven years, and also works out of San Diego. Brad enjoys surfing, being outdoors, music festivals, traveling, cooking, and spending time with his dog Duke.