The other day I was listening to a webinar being presented by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions where they were making the case for utilizing LinkedIn. Just in case you haven’t read them yet, there is a great series of posts on LinkedIn on the FBPPC blog here. They shared some impressive statistics and insights around LinkedIn and their audience, some of which I’ve mentioned below:

-1/3 of professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn
-Users are in a professional mindset
-Influencers and business decision-makers
-LinkedIn features accurate profile-based targeting
-94% of B2B content marketers are already on LinkedIn (Twitter was 88% and Facebook was 84%)

All of this made sense to me. I spoke at HeroConf just last year about LinkedIn PPC and I’ve been an early, vocal proponent of the self-serve platform. I’ve got clients right now on LinkedIn that do very well.

However, LinkedIn is one of, if not the, least developed platform in the world of PPC. They still lack any native tracking functionality. The interface times out every 15 minutes. There is no bulk uploading or editing functionality. I think you get the picture.

On the contrary, Facebook has been evolving their advertising platform aggressively over the last several years. I think the pace has even accelerated now that they’re a publicly traded company (although an odd one because Mark Zuckerberg still owns over 50% of the company, is CEO, and can do anything he wants).

So today I’m going to share my little scorecard for which platform has better B2B targeting functionality.


Facebook vs. LinkedIn for B2B Targeting


For those of you keeping score, here’s the final tally on our 16 categories:

-Facebook – 15 pts (1/2 points for Seniority and Skills since they’re a little more indirect than LinkedIn)
-LinkedIn – 13 (with 2 categories in Gender and Age that I don’t recommend)

Facebook Wins!

Admittedly I was a little shocked. It was a tight contest. Facebook matches LinkedIn blow for blow on LinkedIn targeting categories and then outshines them on accuracy in Age & Gender. Then they add dayparting and net worth/income targeting to seal the decision. Not a knockout by any means, but a clear win for Facebook when it comes to targeting.


If you are a B2B advertiser and have shied away from Facebook, you’re really missing out on a great opportunity. Especially if you’re having success with LinkedIn because you’ll be able to very closely replicate your targeting (and even add a few extra layers if you’d like). So get on Facebook and start having some B2B success!


  1. Rick Noel February 25th, 2015

    Excellent post Robert. From ad operations features/function standpoint, I get why Facebook would outshine LinkedIn in your comparison. However, in terms of B2B context, LinkedIn clearly has the advantage in my opinion. Think of your frame of mind on Facebook (e.g. sharing photos/videos of friends and family, discussing your last vacation ) vs. LinkedIn where users are generally in some kind of professional context (e.g. endorsing connections, updating professional experience). That said, I totally agree with your conclusion that for B2B, Facebook represents a great opportunity. We recommend it to al our B2B clients. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Alp February 1st, 2017

    Hi Robert, this is a great article but it is outdated. Did you updated your information?
    I am a start-up creating motion graphics videos for enterprises. So my biz is B2B. I’m trying to figure out where should I invest my time and money for ads. Can you give me some insights?

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