As we say goodbye to 2013, it’s time to shift gears and start thinking about how Facebook-post New Year-can help promote your brand. Marketers have some key developments to be particularly excited about in 2014.


I personally am very excited for Facebook’s long anticipated launch of auto-play video ads in user’s News Feeds. Starting early 2014, Facebook plans to begin testing select users who will find video ads in their News Feed.

With the phenomenon of video post engagement from users of Instagram and Vine, it’s going to be exciting to see how users react to the muted video advertisements they will begin to see on Facebook starting 2014. Users of these platforms watch video posts on the norm—I would think if the video ad is creative enough, Facebook users too will receive the new ads well. Vine and Instagram have already jumped the gun and begun video ads that have seen some awesome success.

-The first day of Honda’s #WantNewCar Vine campaign brought the car brand 1,020 new followers (compared to its six-month average of 242 new followers) and 2,292 mentions.
-As Inside Facebook notes, Instagram videos are creating two-times more engagement than Instagram photos.

Both Vine and Instagram, as first movers in early video ad success, have carved a promising path for Facebook to follow. Assuming video ads will see success similar to Facebook’s already existent video posts, it’s reasonable to anticipate that video ads will leverage total click-through rate. My mentor at 3Q Digital, Social Account Manager Molly McCarty, recently discussed her experience with video posts saying, “CTR for video posts on Facebook have been about 71% smaller than the CTR of regular posts”.

Of course, we don’t yet know the full capabilities and features of these ads, and we’re left with the following questions:

-Will user reaction be favorable to video ads?
-Will certain client sectors benefit from these ads more than others?
-Will video ads perform best via desktop or mobile devices?

As it’s still unknown whether tapping or clicking on a video will count as a click, we are eager to try for ourselves and see how this affects CTR for these particular ads. Stay tuned for user response and our findings to these important questions once Facebook rolls out these highly anticipated ads in full effect.

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Erin Bedell
Social Intern, Erin Bedell has just begun to get her first taste of the online marketing industry. She joined 3Q Digital in October 2013 and works under mentor and Social Account Manager, Molly McCarty. Prior to her entry to joining 3Q’s social team, Erin was a collegiate athlete, playing women’s soccer which she started playing competitively at 7 years old. Her competitive nature has made her an avid sports fan and you can probably catch her at San Francisco 49er, Stanford football or San Francisco Giants games. She is finishing her last semester at Menlo College and will be graduating in May 2014 with a degree in Business Marketing and Business Management. A lover of outdoor adventures and hiking, she has her sights set on hiking either a route of the Great Himalaya Trail—Nepal or Tour du Mont Blanc to celebrate her graduation.