Have you seen the new ad campaign structure on any of your Facebook campaigns? 

Back in March, Facebook made major changes to its campaign structure. Today, Facebook announced that audiences, bidding, and placement will be housed within the ad set level. Previously, these were found within the ad level.


The purpose of this change is to ensure advertisers are using best practices. Facebook recommends that your objective is set at the campaign level (this is now mandatory). Budget, schedule, targeting, placement, and bid will be set at the ad set level. This means all ads within a given ad set will have the same targeting, placement, and bid. Within the ad, you should focus on testing images, copy, buttons, and landing pages.

The changes are rolling out worldwide over the next few weeks. At that time, all new campaigns and ad sets will follow this rule. It is important to note that “advertisers will not be required to migrate existing ad sets until after January 2015” (Facebook for Business).

Facebook is constantly trying to make its platform as user friendly as possible. Encouraging advertisers to use best practices is important. This new structure makes it even easier for new users to the Facebook advertising platform to ensure they are following best practices. I always recommend keeping the audience testing at the ad set level. It offers a nice level of clarity into how different ad copy (found on the ad level) is performing against different audiences within the same objective campaign. This new structure makes that setup even more intuitive.

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Molly McCarty
Molly joined 3Q Digital in April of 2013 after working as a marketing and social strategist for a web development firm in Washington DC. Molly has experience with online advertising for members of Congress, as well as small businesses. She graduated from St Olaf College in Northfield, MN, in May of 2012 with degrees in Political Science and Social Studies Education. When she is not working, you can find Molly walking her dog or trying out new restaurants.