This past fall, David Fischer said that friend-to-friend Facebook sharing drives ¾ percent of redemptions for offers. During the Q4 earnings call for Facebook, COO Sheryl Sandberg highlighted the fact that Facebook Offers have been claimed by 42 million unique users. Last week, when my friend from Facebook said offers were going to be big this spring, it was the final nail in the coffin.

I get it. Facebook is going to make a huge play into offers.

Why dost thou, Book of Face, love Offers so much? ROI. Simple ROI and the numbers that come from it.

So, it comes as no surprise that recently Facebook announced they are revamping Offers – and with a brand new layout. Traditionally, users were only able to see “Get Offer” on the offer itself, but now Facebook has added a “Shop Now” and “Remind Me” button on each Offer. The “Remind Me” button sends the user a reminder email later, and the “Shop Now” button sends you straight to the website. Snazzy, right?

 facebook offers makeover

This play into revamping Offers is awesome because it address a bunch of old issues. First, they were a mess. They were hard to use, no one really understood them, and many times they just didn’t work properly. One Facebook marketer told me, “It was pretty chaotic and we often found ourselves advising THEIR engineers and teams on how to manage the technology and operations around Offers.”

Second, when a user claimed an offer, it sent you an email. Kind of silly, right? You couldn’t even redeem a Facebook Offer on Facebook. Well, no more – Facebook has rolled out a custom section of your account now dedicated to Offers.

Finally, taking a page out of their privacy book, Facebook switched their position on the publicity of Offers and now allows you to decide if you want to tell your friends that you claimed an offer versus just doing it for you. It could get embarrassing occasionally – like the time I claimed an offer from GILT Men, and one of my friends commented “Thank God, you needed new clothes,” which got 25 likes in 12 hours.

Now, since I’m a betting man, I would bet that Facebook is going to roll this out and eventually tie it into the Facebook conversion tracking, which would allow them to provide you analytics on how many people have claimed an offer, gone to your website, or asked for a reminder. Who’s with me?

Andrew Foxwell

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