Unpublished link posts are about to get a whole lot better! Facebook recently announced an upcoming change to unpublished link posts that is set to take effect early in September. Larger images are known to drive more engagement, which is why unpublished photo posts have been the ad unit of choice for some time now. I mean really, what could possibly be more effective at getting potential clients to your website than a giant picture of your products on their newsfeed?


Page Post Photo Ad – Desktop Newsfeed

There has been one drawback to this form of advertising: the image is not clickable. This means to get someone to your website you must include a URL at the end of your text. Okay, so that is not a big deal but what if you are advertising on a mobile device? The text is likely to get cut off, the URL included. Of course, right hand rail ads don’t stand a chance! If the URL is cut off, the user will have to click on the image to enlarge it and will then be able to click on the URL. The problem is the user may not even know there is a URL anywhere on the ad!


Current Published Link Photo Size


The obvious way to avoid this is to create an unpublished link. This will allow users to be able to click the image and be directed straight to your website. Unfortunately, the images for unpublished link posts are small, and are more likely to get overlooked in the newsfeed. Not to mention, it is difficult to find an image that is a good representation of your brand that will look good in such a small format.


New Page Post Link Ad Example

To better accommodate advertisers, Facebook recently announced that a new version of unpublished link posts will be rolling out early in September, and will include a large image (3.5x larger than the current link post image) that will be clickable. You can see in the image to the left how similar this new ad unit will look to unpublished posts; the main advantage, though, is the clickable image. We are also given the ability to caption the image as well as accompany it with a post.

So what does this mean? We can expect to see an influx of brands beginning to use unpublished link posts. The transition will not necessarily be quick though. There is no easy way to upload a new photo into an existing link post and therefore each ad will have to be rebuilt to accommodate the new format.  Get those creatives ready!


  1. Josh August 27th, 2013

    Facebook is listening to their customers.
    Big Win in my book.

  2. David Martinez August 28th, 2013

    You know when will be available? and what will happen with the old campaigns?

  3. Molly McCarty August 28th, 2013

    The expected launch date for the new link posts is September 10. Facebook says the new ad units will only effect unpublished links built on or after that date. This leads me to believe current link posts that are running will stay in their current format.

  4. David September 10th, 2013

    Thank You Molly,

    I saw in the ad manager that now the size of the image is 600px x 315px. So, I guess that I can do the new unpublished post links. BTW, I can not see the new preview :S. You now is already working and how I can see if my ad is showed with the new format?

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