If you’re new to Facebook ads, here’s a quick map of the back end: Business Manager, Ads Manager, and Power Editor. This post should help you get your bearings and figure out where you need to go to set up accounts and pages, access data, and execute changes and optimizations to campaigns.

Let’s get started.

What is Business Manager?


Business manager is very similar to the MCC in AdWords; it houses all client ad accounts and Facebook pages. If you don’t have access to Business Manager, you can request it from whoever manages your company (or clients’) Business Manager. Note that in order to make ads for a client, you’ll need access to both the Ad Account and Page associated with the client.

What is Ads Manager?


Ads Manager’s interface is primarily used for optimization, campaign performance, and to run reports. Here’s a breakdown of the most used tabs:

  • Campaigns tab: overview of all campaigns, ad sets and ad levels for specified date ranges from a dashboard perspective
  • Search feature: allows for a quick way to access a specific campaign
  • Audience Insights: great place to find the Facebook behavior of a particular audience and how it compares to the general Facebook audience
  • Conversion Tracking: where to see status of pixels associated with the ad account
  • Power Editor: quick link to Power Editor
  • Audiences: where we build out custom audiences from CRM lists provided by clients; website custom audiences; and lookalike audiences.

What is Power Editor?


Good news, SEMs: Power Editor is very similar to AdWords Editor, and it provides more functionality than Ads Manager. There are two main keys to remember:

  • Upload after changes are made to push your edits through, otherwise you’ll lose your work.
  • Use Power Editor for campaign builds and QA. It has more capabilities than Ads Manager.

That’s all you need to know about the platforms to get started on Facebook. Let us know in the comments if you have any other concerns or questions about how to get started on everyone’s favorite social network!

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