By PR, I mean Public Relations, not PageRank.
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Yesterday, I was preparing for #ICON14, a small business conference I’m speaking at in Phoenix next week.
The Infusionsoft folks interviewed me on their blog, giving a sneak peek of the Facebook ad techniques I’m covering. We’re talking about how content marketing and Facebook ads are now the same thing, when done right. That marketing automation is the engagement and conversion segment of your social campaigns.
Now a good PR person, armed with some sound bytes, would start dialing up the media outlets to get press exposure.
You might go ahead and share it with clients, too. In this case, the Golden State Warriors:
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We even know that targeting folks who work at Infusionsoft and Marketo drives stronger partnership.
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And this, in turn, drives further press opportunities, since the conference organizers will help us promote the content.
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We’re not big enough to have our own PR team.
So we use Facebook ads as minions.
The best approach is to share your coverage of the media with those specific media channels.
Here is our write-up of some changes by the United States Tennis Association. We promoted the article to folks who work at the USTA, Tennis Channel, and so forth.
Works like a charm.
We’ve been doing this consistently for about 6 years now.
This pre-supposes that you create and share content that is so amazing, people can’t help but notice.
Do you have any PR-like tactics you use on Facebook?

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