LinkedIn is a hugely important platform these days, especially for advertisers seeking a good B2B avenue. LinkedIn members comprise the world’s largest professional community with a whopping 259+ million members.

Chances are, if you’re looking to sell to a business or a professional, your audience is on LinkedIn. It’s important to note that companies aren’t just selling—they’re building relationships by sharing useful and relevant information and content. It’s the perfect locale for a digital business relationship.

Why use LinkedIn for Advertising?

LinkedIn provides a way for companies to continue dialogue in a way that naturally promotes the value proposition of their brand. LinkedIn, unlike Facebook and Twitter, is all about business. The mindset and intent are naturally more receptive to solving business problems than the kind of socializing and sharing that happens elsewhere, therefore the average LinkedIn member is thinking about how to achieve their ambitions and further their career while they’re on the site. That’s why they’re receptive to advertising, content, and experiences that can help make them more knowledgeable and, ultimately, more successful.

While LinkedIn lets you reach a professional audience in a more business-minded environment, specifically advertising on LinkedIn can help you drive leads by reaching professionals who are decision-makers within a company and disseminating valuable information not only to followers of your company page, but to other people it matters to. It’s an unbeatable tool that’s on the rise for a reason.

Are you an active LinkedIn advertiser? Let us know why you like the platform in the  comments. Be sure to look out for the next part in this four-part series on ad capabilites.

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  1. Christian December 22nd, 2014

    What do I like about LinkedIn Ads?

    Nothing. And I’m not even joking.

    I continually get the worst CTRs from LinkedIn as a PPC platform. Their platform is pretty cumbersome and hard to work with. There’s no easy way to scale (like AdWords Editor). And CPCs are on the rise, with me now typically having to pay around $6-8 when it was about $4-6 last year and less the year before.

    Not a fan of LinkedIn and actually very excited for your series, as I want to learn more about how I can possibly crack the nut that is doing anything worthwhile on LinkedIn Ads.

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