Nisho Cherison is the Senior Manger of Online Advertising at One Kings Lane, where he manages Facebook and other social and emerging media advertising efforts. When he’s not neck-deep in thinking up innovative marketing strategies, you can find him playing his guitar and dreaming about opening his own recording studio one day.

Come on, Facebook...let's give this tool some horsepower.

I’m a big fan of the Power Editor tool. I use it daily. However, managing campaigns on this free tool can be a pain in the neck at times.

There are several great 3rd-party tools out there that you can use to effortlessly create thousands of ads with a few clicks. However, for most advertisers, the benefits of a 3rd-party tool don’t really justify the costs… and I hate unnecessary costs.

Power Editor is a great tool with potential for even more greatness. A mid-size advertiser (or even a bigger one spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every month) can scale their advertising efforts with relative ease using Power Editor. So why pay for another tool when you have a great one from Facebook…for free?

This post is not a guide on how to use Power Editor (many have covered this already) but rather, it’s on four simple but critical features I wish the folks at Facebook would add to this modest tool.

Here goes…

1. Find/Replace – We all take this simple function for granted every day…until we don’t have it. Imagine the misery you would have to go through if you were to individually find and replace a word, say in 100 rows in Excel or in 5 pages of a Word doc. Yet, the folks at Facebook don’t feel this pain. How easy would it make our lives if we had the ability to duplicate 100s of ads and easily replace just one of the words before pushing them live?

2. Folders – I like to organize my stuff into folders. I have hundreds of them (ok, really only 22… I just counted) on my desktop. I would love to have the ability to organize all my campaigns into folders in Power Editor. I could organize them based on interests, demography, performance, etc.… the possibilities are endless. This would save a ton of time, plus it would make my Power Editor look “pretty.”

3. Templates – I target multiple precise interest groups every day. Creating individual ad campaigns for these groups is a painful and time-consuming task. All I’m (humbly) asking Facebook to do is enable me to create templates that I can use to push these interest groups as individual campaigns instead of making me spend hours creating campaigns one by one for each of them.

4. Stop being buggy – Ok, this isn’t a feature request, it’s simply a request with folded hands. Seriously Facebook, stop being buggy! The annoyingly silly bugs I encounter (e.g. ads that don’t get processed unless you hit upload 5 times) make me wonder if Facebook even has a QA team.


So that’s it…these are the basic features I wish Power Editor had. No doubt there are plenty of tools out there that can do all this and much more, but the truth is, you don’t really need all the extra bells and whistles. Combine Power Editor with Google Analytics for conversion tracking, and you’ll soon be on your way to saving anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 in monthly charges you would otherwise be paying for a 3rd-party tool. Use some of that savings to hire a couple of smart campaign managers instead!

Sigh…but if only it had those four features! Any Facebook product managers out there listening?

Nisho Cherison


Nisho Cherison


  1. Stefan July 17th, 2013

    As a Power Editor user I agree with every word you’ve written.

    You can of course go to a spreadsheet to find and replace but it is really buggy uploading it again .
    My other wish is that FB would let me actually sideline some of my old campaigns and ads .. They’ve finished until I need them next Christmas so why do they keep getting in my way FB .. please put them out of the way .. in a little cupboard somewhere until I need them

  2. Shane August 17th, 2016

    Find/Replace just shipped, just four years late :-)

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