Reaching the right audience and communicating your message is nothing new to advertising. However, everyday consumers have evolved and we must anticipate their behavior in order to succeed. Enter the digital age, where your brand is at work 24/7 and users are constantly accessible online. With Search Engine Marketing (or SEM), you can intelligently find your target audience and make your brand prominent in their Internet searches. From paid search to search engine optimization, SEM helps your users stop searching and start buying.

Pay Per Click Advertising

How much is a click worth in SEM? With PPC Advertising, you get to decide. In the PPC model, you get advertisements on Google for search terms that you specify. The visibility of these paid ads don’t cost you at all until someone clicks one to enter the site. In short, you only pay for traffic that you know can drive revenue.

To run an effective PPC campaign, you have several questions you need to answer correctly. Which terms are going to give you the best revenue return? Which terms are best associated with your business? Which terms are irrelevant and wasting your money? With SEM experts, we make data-driven decisions to answer all these questions so your business can grow.

Search Engine Optimization

The majority of your website traffic is likely coming from a regular old Google search. The user types in a query, looks through the results, and visits the page that is most relevant. But how can you ensure that your site is going to be found in Google? How can you ensure that users will want to visit your page, even if you have exactly what they’re looking for? To maximize organic search, Search Engine Optimization can help your website increase visibility, traffic, and revenue for your business.

There are several elements to fully upping your site’s SEO game. You first must make sure that Google can read your website. Since Google reads a website differently than a human does, we must make sure that your business even has the ability to be found in a search engine. After that, you must evaluate your website’s content. Does it line up with your business objectives? Is it written to the audience you’re trying to reach? You must also evaluate user experience, mobile performance, analytics, and other site characteristics that decide how both Google and users interact with your site. Our SEM experts use SEO to turn everyday searchers into loyal customers.

SEM = PPC and SEO Expertise for All Searches

Our SEM success is defined by very unique, effective, and profit-driven strategies on both the PPC and SEO fronts. Having a data-driven paid ad campaign and search engine optimization strategy can help increase your revenue and grow your brand’s recognition beyond the digital sphere.

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