The best targeting in the world means nothing if your landing pages can’t convert visitors. Landing-page optimization (LPO) is a critical piece of conversion optimization that ranges from testing variables on an existing landing page to building and testing complete redesigns. We partner with best-in-class technology solution Optimizely to provide LPO services that include:

  • Page/element design and testing for every stage of the conversion funnel
  • Manipulating landing page elements
  • Improving conversion flow
  • Customizing tests to audience segments
  • Changing site-wide elements
  • Mobile testing
  • Analytics integration
  • Creative mock-ups and execution

The backbone of our optimization cycle is iterative A/B testing that removes assumption from the equation. We work with clients on prioritized test schedules; we then design the tests and systematically document the results and implement changes based on the findings. The effects of the changes are reviewed and analyzed, and the testing cycle begins again.

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