A staggering amount of data is now easily accessible, but being able to organize, monitor, and determine what data truly matters is key. Our Business Intellignce team will be able to take the client’s key performance metrics and create customized dashboards to help clients easily digest the most significant data and performance results. We can create a range of data visualizations/dashboards to meet everything from the high-level ‘snapshot’ needs of C levels to more detailed and dynamic visuals for those interested in getting granular and diving into the numbers.

Trust Your Data

Before the dashboards and the optimizations and the learnings can happen, data validity has to happen. Our Analytics team ensures that your data collection models are holistic and sound enough to pursue aggressive digital marketing strategies. Before we help you grow your business tomorrow, we’ll have to verify that we can trust it today. Our Analytics consulting practice ensures not only that you’re collecting data the right way, but you’re also collecting it in a way that’s robust enough to scale as your company grows.

Analytics and Business Intelligence Go Hand in Hand

Data-based decision making is the core of performance marketing. We want to make sure you’re pointed in the right direction before you venture forth at 150 mph. Our Analytics & Business Intelligence consulting team is platform-agnostic, so whether you rely entirely on the Google reporting suite, use a combination of SiteCatalyst and Salesforce, or have a decentralized analytics and data collection system in place, our team can help create an ecosystem that works for you and your business. More than that, we build and maintain reporting & dashboarding systems that help everyone in your organization, from managers to analysts to C-levels, better understand your site and business. We make data-driven decisions every day and can’t imagine a world where that’s not even an option. Data is in our DNA, so let us help you find data nirvana.

How Analytics & Business Intelligence Consulting Fits in with Digital Marketing

We rely on data to make optimizations every day so we understand its importance to our clients’ growth. Having data validity is like having a sound foundation for your home; nothing works and nothing can be built until that’s been put into place.

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