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SEO is one of our core services available at 3Q Digital. While clients can choose to engage with SEO as a standalone service, because of the complex nature of the search and digital marketing ecosystem, we always recommend that clients consider running, at least, both SEM and SEO with us. There’s a lot to be learned across various channels, and we think SEM and SEO are better services when they are run in-tandem.

Why SEO with Us?

At 3Q, we run our SEO practice based on 6 primary pillars: information architecture, intent-based content, analytics, multi-device readiness, user experience, and unique value add. These pillars are not mutually exclusive and often, we find that one pillar usually impacts others – and this is further exacerbated if one pillar is not up to par. We look at SEO holistically and are willing to stretch the boundaries of what we’d consider SEO because the ecosystem is continuously changing, evolving, and expanding. By being nimble and flexible with our SEO services, we’ve been able to grow with our clients and grow the practice overall at 3Q.

Chicago: Home to Deep Dish Pizza, Chicago Bears, Cubs and an Enterprise SEO Shop!

We’ve loved calling Chicago our home for over three years and what we love even more is growing our Chicago presence over the last year and a half. Now our second-largest office, 3Q Digital Chicago is home to an amazing team of digital marketers, including our super-talented, incredibly intelligent, and extraordinary SEO team, whose voracious curiosity in all things SEO has really made a mark on the larger 3Q Digital organization.

SEO, Not Soft SEO

We hold ourselves to the same level of excellence as our media channels and believe we can be nimble and valued as a performance marketing channel. How? We constantly monitor performance and mine Analytics, rankings, and search query data to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. If we notice that performance isn’t trending the right way, we act quickly, or, more accurately, as swiftly as this channel allows. Furthermore, complete transparency in the data we collect and how we measure success holds us accountable to not just our goals but our clients’ business goals. We only succeed when our clients do.

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