In an uncertain world filled with murky SERPs, cutthroat competition, and wasted budgets, two superheroes are battling to break through the clutter. Our Search Superheroes understand that the only way to win is to join forces and form an alliance. With their superpowers now combined and stronger than ever, SEO and SEM are finally able to find the light and bring peace back to the SERPs.

Be a SERP Superhero and join Tyson Stockton, Director of Services at Searchmetrics, and Leslie To, VP of SEO at 3Q Digital, to learn how to use the superpowers of SEO + SEM to rule the SERPs.

Learn how to:

  • Stop the Battle of the Superheroes (Connect siloed teams)
  • Team Up and Join Forces (Develop shared goals)
  • Combine Your Superpowers (Learn the tactics + strategies)
  • Hone Your Superpowers

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