Just one year ago, Forbes put out a piece on the surge of in-house marketing teams, which had increased from 42% in a 2008 ANA survey to 78% of respondents to the same survey in 2018. Today, many of those companies who have built in-house teams are, through no fault of their
own, scrambling from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Horribly difficult decisions are being made each day on how many FTEs to keep, with budgets and spend in limbo as companies look to preserve organizational health over the long haul.

In 2008, I made the decision to start an agency and help companies get through what was, at the time, the biggest recession of the 21st century. The lessons I’ve learned, and the benefits agencies can offer companies in times of economic instability, are even more powerful today.

I’ve put together a guide to help companies understand how and why to get external support during this time – and what the best agency partners are doing for their clients. You’ll learn:

  • How an agency can help provide valuable flexibility to deal with macro-economic shifts
  • The immediate resources, including data and creative expertise, you can expect to access from an agency
  • The major trends we’re seeing across our client base, and how we’re helping clients address them
  • How we’re adjusting our partnerships to meet each company’s specific needs

Simply fill out the download form to get your copy, safe as safe and healthy as possible, and know that support is out there if you need it.