Digital marketing is undergoing a radical transformation. Previously an art based on brand-building and website aesthetics, marketing is quickly becoming a science based on data and results. With this widespread evolution has come increasing expectations for CMOs and their teams. Top marketers are finding that optimization across the entire user journey is the key to success.

In this white paper, we’ll talk about the six foundational principles to consider if you want to be successful in optimization, explain why each is so critical, and give tips on how to implement them:

  1. Strategic Business Alignment
  2. Culture of Optimization & Growth
  3. Customer-Focused Strategy
  4. Data-Driven Research Methodology
  5. Scientific Testing Process
  6. High-Velocity Testing

We’ll equip you with the information you need to be successful in optimization, including how to get started, team dynamics and expertise, focus areas for successful research and testing, and how to create a sustainable long-term strategy.

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