Q4 is bearing down on retailers, and traffic is more expensive than ever. How can you get more out of what you’re spending and get a leg up on your competition? In this white paper, we’ll take some time to focus on analyzing your checkout process and plugging any and all leaks to convert more of the traffic you’re already driving. We’ll outline the impact an optimized checkout process can have on your performance, and we’ll break down real-life examples of quantitative and qualitative research that can help you get there.

We’ll focus on:

  • The benefits of an optimized funnel
  • Using quantitative research to understand where users are abandoning
  • Using qualitative research to understand why they are abandoning

This is your year to beat the competition, drive CPAs down, gain a better understanding of your customers, and solidify your place as an invaluable member for your team. This guide to optimization will help you get there.

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