As marketing budgets expand, brands face a dilemma: should they hire an in-house team that is fully embedded in their business, or partner with an agency who specializes in their key marketing channels?

In our latest whitepaper, we’ll walk through today’s digital marketing landscape to help you understand its potential for transformative business growth — or for under-performing spend. Then we’ll cover the financial considerations we find businesses often overlook in calculating their most efficient means of managing their digital marketing.

This piece will uncover the true costs and profits associated with hiring an agency or going in-house. Simply fill out the download form to get your copy.

“Agencies offer brands the benefit of a broad base of learning across clients and exposure to a huge range of tech, platforms, new features, and partners. The best agencies share knowledge across teams as new factors in marketing emerge, which gives their clients a big advantage in quickly adopting effective new strategies.”
– Janelle Ramirez, Senior Agency Lead at Google