COVID-19 is changing the retail game overnight. Foot traffic has slowed by 40% for apparel stores and shopping malls; online sales for fashion and apparel have plunged.

In these uncertain times, marketers must lead by data and strategy, not fear. We’ve assessed the retail landscape to help brands find their way – and find opportunities in the chaos. Our Fearless Digital Marketing: The Retailer’s Guide to Navigating COVID-19 will teach you to:

  • Assess and respond to your industry’s landscape
  • Read and react to data
  • Adjust your channel mix
  • Engage new audiences
  • Re-imagine messaging and creative
  • Implement P1 tactics to save spend

With the picture changing daily, there’s no time to waste. Simply fill out the download form to get your copy and get set your course to come out of the COVID-19 age in the best possible shape.