“Best practices” abound in digital marketing, but not all are created equal. In her 2020 Guide to Digital Growth Disruptors, VP of Growth Caitlin Halpert tackles four current myths, why they’re not all they’re cracked up to be, and how to turn the myths around to truly achieve disruptive growth.

Caitlin tackles:

  • Google/Facebook market dominance (the duopoly’s 61% of all 2019 digital spend is poised to increase in 2020)
  • the emergence of voice search (more than 30% of all homes have a smart speaker – what now?)
  • heavy upfront investment in media research and planning (there are more than 6x more job openings for media planning than media buying)
  • the theory that AI has made great creative obsolete and why the 80/20 rule is obsolete

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