The average CMO tenure has slipped to 43 months, according to a recent study from the Wall St. Journal. The challenges facing CMOs are steep and numerous; one of the most pervasive challenges facing CMOs of today’s digital-first companies is breaking down the silos of branding and direct-response (or “performance”) marketing to drive growth.

At 3Q Digital, we’ve seen many digital-first clients miss the mark on the initiatives that can break down those silos:

  • branding KPIs
  • media mix and budget allocation
  • persona development
  • targeting

All of those elements are critical to overall marketing performance and growth, and it’s almost impossible to get them right without alignment between branding and performance teams.

In this high-level brief, we’ll explore common issues and misconceptions we’ve encountered with those initiatives and give you a strategy for overcoming each. Simply fill out the download form, and we’ll send you a copy.