SMX Advanced

For over 10 years, SMX has helped thousands of marketing practitioners from across the world succeed in their search marketing endeavors. Fluent in search engine marketing? SMX Advanced is where you’ll engage with others who speak your native language. Sessions are fast-paced, Q&A-packed, always informative… and don’t stop to cover the basics. This once-a-year event is your place to learn elite SEO and SEM tactics. On June 4, Account Lead Zenia Johnson leads an Advanced Social Ads Clinic, where attendees can get real-time answers and feedback on their social campaigns. Account Lead Ashley Mo will be one of the featured speakers in the SMX Insights session, where she’ll lead attendees through a breakdown of the newest YouTube features, which have opened up a new direct-response channel for marketers. Ashley will also help close out the conference in the June 5 “Ask the SEMs” panel, so make sure to stop by with your questions.