KNOW Identity 2020

Today, there are trillions of transactions per day on millions of non-interoperable platforms tracking the identities of people, entities, and things. But the way we create and use those identities to build trust hasn’t kept up with the speed of the connected world. Mobile fraud is becoming a prevalent obstacle in the industry: in 2018, mobile app marketers were exposed to 30% more fraud than in 2017, and on average 43% of mobile app inventory is fraudulent. Although many mobile analytics and attribution platforms claim to have the answer, there is no magic bullet for fraud protection—it takes human rigor in tandem with the technology of the platform to protect the identities of brands and users.

Join 3Q Sr. Director of Mobile Strategy Natalie Aller at the KNOW Identity Conference, the leading industry event focused on digital identity, trust, and the data economy, in Las Vegas in April. Natalie will lead attendees through the dangers of mobile fraud, how to identify fraud within your mobile campaigns, and how to combat it on network and partner levels.