Our host, Joseph Kerschbaum, and guest Jay Stampfl talk all things remarketing in this episode of the 3Q Digital Download Podcast.

Here are Jay’s key takeaways:

1. If you have a subscription service or a product, identify which terms are going to be navigational. If a user has already bought or subscribed, cut them off of the remarketing list to save money.

2. Use Bid only, with 0 modifiers to collect free data on your existing campaigns.

3. If you’re running RLSA, don’t just increase bids on people who’ve visited. Take advantage of different tactics: maybe buy competitor terms for people who abandoned a shopping cart a week ago.

4. Mix up your messaging! If you’re not changing your ads for remarketing, you’re not leveraging it to its fullest. Try a promotion or “what’s new”.

5. Don’t throw your whole budget into remarketing because you are seeing high ROAS; that doesn’t mean that the increased CPCs are justified. Run a cost-benefit analysis on what happens to audiences with different levels of investment.

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