Everyone knows having the right call-to-action is pivotal to the success of PPC campaigns, but what advertisers may not realize is that CTA strategy is quickly evolving. This week on the 3Q Digital Download podcast, host Joe Kerschbaum is joined by Lisa Raehsler, Owner of Big Click Co, speaker, and columnist, to discuss her recent article, “5 PPC Calls-to-Action Tips & 4 Gotchas You Need to Know”. They’ll walk through what today’s updated landscape looks like and cover:

  • Why having the right CTA still so important
  • How CTA comes into play when creating ads as focus shifts from keyword to audience-based strategies
  • Testing plans to ensure you have the right CTA
  • Tracking success down funnel
  • CTA placement & site-link strategy
  • Overly common pitfalls when writing ads and how to avoid them
  • And much more!

Check out Lisa’s article mentioned in this episode at the Search Engine Journal.

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Intro/Outro Music Credit: Jazzy French via Bensound.com

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